Madison County Fairgrounds Board
Mission Statement

Established in 2005 by the Madison County Board of Commissioners to develop an old landfill property owned by the county, the Madison County Fairgrounds Board was at first an appointed commission. The stated goal was to develop the property over time into a full-service and functional fairgrounds.

The Madison County Fairgrounds Board applied for and received IRS Chapter 50l(c)3 non- profit status in 2007 and serves as the caretaker of the fairgrounds property for the county in partnership with the Madison County Cooperative Extension also located at the site.   The Board of Directors is all volunteer and there is no paid staff.

The mission of the Madison County Fairground Board of Directors is to work with groups, organizations and individuals in Madison County to develop a broad-based County Fairgrounds for the purpose of recreational enjoyment, education, and economic development for all ages and areas of the county.

The fairgrounds serve all residents of Madison County and draws crowds from surrounding counties as well who attend such events as rodeos, horse shows, circus and the County Fair.  FFA and 4-H clubs use the facility frequently at no charge.

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